It’s hard to say where this story starts...

How an adventure-bound kid (Andy) quits his job in Baltimore and meets a ranch girl (Loni) from North Dakota on a remote dock in southeast Alaska and the two grow old raising flowers together in a field in Pennsylvania is a wild story.

Needless to say… our story is long and beautiful.

But one thing’s for sure…


We come from the land… and we end up right back in it.

We might as well have fun with it.

That’s where Terra (another word for land) Farms comes in.

Its story starts with a bit of whim.

Loni has always been a vivid-eyed gardener with the creative eye that would make Picasso jealous. As for Andy, well… Andy likes to play in the dirt.

That’s why when the young married couple came across a simple 2-acre farm in 2014, they jumped in with all their heart and mind.

It was their “forever” home. The flowers bloomed, the sheep grazed and the bees made sweet, sweet honey.

But the land came calling. It’s funny like that. In late 2018, the couple happened across an farm house built in 1858 and 34 acres of land that were screaming to tell their tale.


The property just needed an artist.

A family of four would be perfect.

Andy and Loni are in charge of the place, but their two kids Parker and Willow run the place. They can be found directing the action in the flower fields… if they’re not too busy loving life with their toes in the creek and their butts in the mud.

But truly, the land is the real story.

It’s what changes minds, changes lives and changes attitudes.

Get married on the Farm. Cut your flowers here. Or climb to the old maple tree up on the hill and stare at the land.

Just be sure to share your story… and make it part of ours.  


Our Mission

  • Leave the land better than we found it.

  • Find unique ways to make folks smile.

  • Grow a happy family.

  • And grow beautiful flowers that light up the world.