Everything You Need To Know…

How It Works

  • The flower field is open to the public only on designated u-pick days or by appointment.

  • Our flower field is not at our residence. Please continue to our designated parking area, clearly marked by an “Open” sign when the field is open for business.

  • Park near the garden gate entrance. Someone will be there to assist you.

    Select a container to fill. We have 2 options:

    • $20 Vessel option – holds a surprising amount of flowers and will give you enough flowers for 2-3 small bouquets

    • $45 Bucket option – provides you with enough flowers for 5-6 bouquets

      (We accept cash, check, credit card or PayPal - prices subject to change)

  • Fill your vessel or bucket. Take your time. This is the fun part! Many folks choose to walk through the field and see all the varieties of flowers available (which are clearly marked) before they begin cutting.

  • Arrange your flowers. This is optional, of course. Some folks do it at home. But we have a garden table area where you can rest and relax after picking your flowers… and get some help from a pro.

  • Please return any vessels or buckets you do not wish to purchase. All of the Farm’s items are clearly marked.

  • Enjoy your fresh-cut, naturally grown flowers. This is mandatory!

What You NEed:

  • You can bring your own bucket or container to transport your flowers home… but you can use some of ours, too.

  • We’ll fill your container with water and floral conditioning to ensure your flowers stay fresh, beautiful and fragrant for as long as nature will allow.

  • Appropriate footwear and clothing — it is a farm, after all.

  • Your own clippers and/or scissors if desired. We have some on hand if you don’t have a pair handy.

  • For your comfort, you may want to bring sun protection, water bottles, a snack, etc. Most folks hang around for an hour or so.

  • This is a working farm, not a manicured park. The ground is rough or uneven in spots. You may even encounter all-natural mud! We will do our best to meet any needs you may have, just give us a heads up.

What You Don’t Need

  • No glass vessels allowed in the field.

  • Please do not bring your pets. If you have a service dog, please call ahead to alert us. Again, this is a farm with animals. They may not like a visiting animal… or they may like them too much.

  • Of course, children are welcome. But the flower field isn’t a playground. We ask that they are respectful of the field and supervised by an adult at all times. This is our personal property which we have worked hard to be able to share with others.

Helpful Hints

  • While picking your own flowers, cut stems as long as possible. We can trim them to size after you finish selecting.

  • Temporary packaging or gift packaging is available if you plan to share your bouquet.

  • We have premium flowers available at different times during the season. If you are interested in something specific please message or call.

  • Display-worthy vases and vessels are available for sale.

  • Wholesale florist accounts are available.

  • Grower’s-choice rates available for DIY event planners, brides or any bulk orders.

  • The flower field is open to the public only on designated u-pick days or by appointment. If you are a photographer looking to use our fields or our 2019 photo spot (it changes each year) as a backdrop, give us a call. We’ll make an appointment.